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After my horses were banished to the Trap Pasture   , I decided it might be a good time to get Pard and bring him in by himself and mess with him some.  I’m still reeling a little bit from that bad day we had at the horse show last summer when he became the “Devil […]

 See these guys?  They are troublemakers. They are in big trouble with T.H. (so am I) They can run but they can’t hide from me anymore because they are essentially in jail. T.H. banished them to the “Trap Pasture” while I was out of town. The Trap Pasture is a 40 acre pasture, aptly named, […]

Sometimes people are involved in competition with me and they aren’t even aware of it. For instance, this guy Andy, at a recent Cattle Dog Clinic. I pulled up in my Subaru with my two dogs crated in the back.  Andy pulls up with his six dogs crated in the back of his truck and […]

I bought these two fat quarters in Salt Lake City last summer. Anything with a Paint Horse on it is instantly mine. I’m just glad this time it was only $6.00 worth of fabric. It was speaking to me……  “Pillow Time” A nice little afternoon project on Thanksgiving weekend. “OK guys, I’m going upstairs to […]

Sometimes I can’t find my horses. It’s not that this ranch is so big. It’s not. I think they deliberately hide from me.  They stand there laughing in groves of trees as Puncher and I whip by on the 4-wheeler 3 times. They know I’m looking for them.  I check on them every couple of […]

I was going to call this post “The Ugliest Quilt Ever”. But that’s really not fair, nor is it true.  These vintage quilt blocks came in a boot box full of treasures I bought from a custom quilt shop.I laid them out in my studio and stared at them for  weeks.  I think these fabrics […]

This fall I’ve walked in beauty everyday. I walk down by the creek behind the house. It’s good for my mental health.   After a summer of drought my senses are a dried up sponge. Tiger Kitty is good for my mental health too. She follows me everywhere. I try not to trip over her. […]

I had 32 blocks left from the Crazy Quilt of my last post. I wanted this one to be larger and different. I chose to use some black “sashing” to accentuate the blocks. “Sashing” is basically cutting 3″ strips of black fabric scraps and framing the blocks like window panes. It’s a fun and mindless […]

  Creative Everyday Challenge  Art Everyday Month I feel like a cheater.  I bought these wild quilt blocks from my custom quilter. She bought them from her mother, who bought them from a craft sale. I did not pay $20 for them. It was more like $10. I would never have the patience to put […]

 This is my first official post from my new website that went live yesterday. I am determined to publish this post today. I think I could have made this quilt …… twice ….. with the time it has taken me to post this. I may have even cried once and yelled at the dog. The […]