Red Paint Horse Christmas PillowI bought these two fat quarters in Salt Lake City last summer.

Anything with a Paint Horse on it is instantly mine.

I’m just glad this time it was only $6.00 worth of fabric.

Christmas Red Western PillowIt was speaking to me……  “Pillow Time”

A nice little afternoon project on Thanksgiving weekend.

“OK guys, I’m going upstairs to work (hide) in my studio for awhile.”

Actually that was said to an empty house. Everyone had already fled in an attempt at self preservation.

We all have reason to give thanks.

Christmas Red Paint Horse PillowI digress.  My pilllows are 20X20 which is the perfect size canvas for practicing my art.

  I’m learning so much from watching videos and reading books about free motion quilting.

Today was about using safety pins instead of straight pins to pin-baste the quilt “sandwich”.

I will say this about safety pins ……  much less painful.
Another lesson learned is about batting. Yes, there is a difference.  A HUGE difference.

This will be my last project with polyester batting. It’s too slippery and too puffy. I don’t like synthetic fibers. But it’s all I can buy locally. I will be stocking up on cotton batting from the internet and do it consciously.

You know what I mean (don’t you?)
Christmas Red Paint Horse PillowThis was fun because of the fabric. All my favorite colors and favorite things.
Christmas Red PillowVintage button closures at the top let the cover slip off for machine washing.
Christmas Red Paint Horse PillowSome detail of the turquoise framing.
Red Christmas Pillow Paint Horse
This pillow is for sale for $50. It measures 20 X 20.

Shipping will probably be around $5.00.

Merry Christmas Red Paint Horse Pillow

 I just noticed the Paint Horses are all marked differently. Like in real life.



Love,  Cowgirl Red    aka   Terah


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  1. Wonderful:)

  2. Fantastic Terah. I’m working on a **gasp** fabric project myself right now. Unfortunately it involves sewing buttons. I don’t like sewing buttons. Is there a machine that can do it for me?


  3. Love it!

  4. I can see why you would grab fabric with painted horses and this is bright and bold, too! All the horses are different and I am loving your freehand quilting, lady! I hope you get some batting that is nicer to work with. Cotton sounds so much better than polyester, too. Lovely pillow! Always a delight to see a post from you!! :):)

  5. This is my favorite thing you have ever done (that I’ve seen) LOVE IT!

  6. Lisa at Greenbow says

    This is a beaut. Love the hosses.


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