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Happy Thanksgiving my friends! I am so thankful and grateful this year for many blessings. This year has been the most phenomenal year of my life. That’s a phenomenal statement considering I’ve had almost 60 of them. I’m most grateful for God’s grace that continues to amaze me everyday.  A year ago, TH came to […]

Hello from Amarillo! Thank you everyone who has stopped and purchased my jackets!! We are having an awesome show. The cow-baby jackets are almost sold out. I’m taking orders for Christmas delivery. Email or text me. Thank you, thank you, thank you !   Love,  Cowgirl-Red Aka Terah        

If “Cowgirl-Red” married “Dia de los Muertos”  that’s what you would get. Ladies and Gentlemen, I announce the birth of ……… “El Gringo Cowboy” “cowboy” pronounced  “kuh-BOY “ Say it now…… El Gringo Cowboy ! If I had a little cowgirl or cowboy close by I could use them for a model. That would be what […]