I was gone for a week visiting my baby girl in Salt Lake City.  Mostly we were eating sushi, getting shellac manicures, shopping. When I came home T.H. had cattle stuffed in every nook and cranny of this ranch. T.H. must have been on a big buying spree much like the one I was on in Salt Lake City with my girl.
T.H. was especially excited about “The Chars” he bought while I was gone.
 (Think silent “CH” as in Cher’s shoes.)
Char is short for  Charolais cattle. Pronounced shar-o-lay. They’re French. They’re white.
They make good ribeyes.
“You should see the Chars I bought! Good calves! And worth the money!”
Repeat that about 120 times. That was our conversation.
“The Chars…The Chars….The Chars…. good calves,…. good deal…. blah blah blah blah”
T.H. doesn’t get excited about much, but he is ecstatic over “The Chars”.
It reminds me of a certain mother-daughter duo talking about a shoe shopping spree. “The Shoes! The Shoes! You should see my new shoes! They are gorgeous and I got them on sale B.O.G.O.*!”
The next morning I didn’t get up, claiming jet lag from my 2 hours of flying. T.H. cannot abide idleness in any form. I live for idleness. He said “When you get up, why don’t you go out and feed ‘The Chars’. They’re behind the barn. Give ’em some grain and turn’em out on the wheat with your horses. They’re good calves! I bought ’em right, too.” Blah Blah Blah.  My idleness permanently interrupted, I got up.

T.H. and I like cattle for different reasons.
They are good lookin’ calves. Cute and fluffy is more like it.

Extremely photogenic.


The Chars line up like the shoes in my closet.

They follow directions well.
They’re easy going.
They’re friendly, too. I like that in a “Char”.

I met up with T.H. at the Sale Barn for lunch. First thing he said to me was “What did you think of ‘The Chars’? Good lookin’ calves. Huh? Good deal on’em, too. I got ’em worth the money”  blah blah blah
   I wonder if he ever heard of B.O.G.O* at Shoe Carnival.
* (Buy One Get One Half Off)
Love,   Cowgirl Red    aka  Terah
PS.  There is no appreciation of the concept of B.O.G.O.* in the cattle business.


  1. Cat Urbigkit says

    Cute shoes (and Chars)! I like all the bling on the shoes – the chars don't have bling though.

  2. pluckychickenheart says

    OMG. Still laughing. I think I have that same conversation with SB about virtually anything he plants in the ground. ( I'm not a gardener.)

    Those Chars sure are cute an fluffy. But I enjoy a show sale too. Maybe a Lot. Shoes make me feel cute and fluffy.


  3. They are cute cows! And cute shoes, too. 😉

    I just love all your photos that go with your storytelling. The only thing missing was the trip to visit your baby girl. Even a shot of the manicurist or the shoe store–ROFL! 😉

  4. Catherine... says

    Wonderful Chars….we have lots of those round here…now I know what their called… thanks to TH's bargin of the year….love your shoes, did the chars like them too…glad you had a good time with your baby girl….My baby girl is back from the good ol' US of A… I'll have to ask her if she saw any Chars while she was in Texas… I know she saw lots of shoes…..xx

  5. ~Christina~ says

    Chars are my favorite breed of cattle. Love the way they look.

  6. Cowgirl Red says

    Thanks for the comments everybody!!! I love you all. xoxoxo Terah