This is a sweet little Mother’s Day Story from Mother Nature herself.
When Puncher was a puppy, I brought home a stray Mama Cat from our overcrowded shelter.
It was love at first sight. Puncher and Mama Kitty were inseparable.
  She beat up my other dogs regularly but she loved Puncher. She taught Puncher that cats are cool.
They did everything together. Ate together. Slept together. Hung out. She kept Puncher company outside at night. I even put an extra bed in Puncher’s kennel for Mama Kitty.
She taught Puncher how to love and respect cats.
Like all good mothers, she taught Puncher manners.
Albeit “kitty manners”. Like how to treat cats or else.
This friendship went on for a year. Puncher grew up. Mama Kitty got healthy and… oops!
Mama Kitty’s irresponsible owner forgot to take her back to the vet.
And Mama Kitty had too much kitty cat hanky panky.
One afternoon last summer Mama Kitty had six kittens in Puncher’s kennel.
 Inside Puncher’s own dog house.
Puncher happened to be home at the time.
What are friends for?  “I got your back Mama Kitty”.
Puncher adores cats and kittens.
She has never chased a cat or harmed a cat in her life.
A few of my other barn cats have harmed Puncher and it really hurts her feelings.
She thinks all cats are like Mama Kitty.
Every cat chasing dog needs a Mama Kitty to teach it when they’re young. Or else.
Cats have an important job at a ranch. Some dogs can make their job a little harder.
We actually have a rule here: No cat chasing!
A certain little white dog who lives here is a rule breaker.  Once I saw Mama Kitty run half-way across the yard doing 90 to beat up Misty for getting too close to her kittens.
 No mercy  for Misty!
Nothing but mercy and grace for Puncher.
 Mama Kitty’s irresponsible owner finally took her the vet in town.
 She is retired from kitten production.
And so are her offspring.
The End.
Happy Mothers Day
Love,  Cowgirl Red    aka  Terah


  1. This was just the best post! I've grown up with dogs and cats being friends or at least tolerant of each other. Even with my cats and hamsters/rats getting along. My animals knew they had best get along–even the ones like Misty who wanted to break the rules once in a while. Dogs do have a natural leaning toward chasing barn cats. Over 20 years ago we lived on a farm for a few years (didn't farm, tho, rented out) and our dogs were taught not to chase the cats–from puppies. They'd never bother any of ours–but god save any stray toms that came around–hehe! Or for that matter skunks, raccoons, deer, you name it!

    These pictures and memories are priceless! Thanks so much for sharing. And glad mama cat got to the vet. 😉

  2. What a sweet story! The pictures are priceless.

  3. The Paper Princess says

    Your story and photos just warmed my heart! I'm a new follower – I look forward to reading more of your posts – and I invite you to join me over at Create With Joy!


  4. pluckychickenheart says

    Awe!!!!! I love this Terah. Seeing dogs and cats get along is always the best. I'm a sucker everytime. Did you keep all those kitties??


  5. Cowgirl Red says

    Thanks Ramona.

    Mari, yes I did. I have around 8! Cats right now. No more kittens though.

    Xoxo. Terah

  6. Catherine... says

    Hi Terah, what gorgeous photos and fantastic story…My Mama cat had three kittens in Dinner's hutch, (Dinner was the Rabbit). I still have Pickle one of the kittens, she's 12 now…. have a good week…

  7. Love your post and the pictures! 🙂

  8. giddy up says

    What a great story…