Does anyone remember Ralph E Wolf and Sam the Sheepdog ?
From Looney Tunes? ( Ralph is really Wile E Coyote, in case you didn’t know)
The other day when  Puncher and I were moving pairs, images of  Ralph and Sam waltzed right into my noggin.
You see, when Puncher sets out to move cattle, they “skee-daddle.”
It’s her job. She’s all business all the time. 
The cattle hop to it.

When she says “Forward March”.  They say “Yes Ma’am!”
That is…..until they get to the pens….. and there is a stock tank….. 
 and it is 150 degrees in the shade.
At that juncture, Cowdog and Cow declare a momentary truce.
 They clock out and take a break just like Ralph and Sam.
Then they have a drink and a little chat.
“Hey girls.  How’s the family?”

“You got any vacation plans this summer?”
 Quick Draw McGraw tries to butt in the conversation
“Sure is dry this year. I hear they’re kickin’ you out soon.”
Break’s over.  Back on the clock.
Nothing personal. Just business.
Th..Th..Th…That’s All Folks!
Love,   Cowgirl Red   aka   Terah
P.S.  Pardon the green scum on the stock tank.  I would remove it, however it is the only green on the ranch this summer. 


  1. I do remember those cartoons and how they clocked out and clocked back in! That is so funny!! Puncher and the cows were just the same! I love the way your mind works, Lady. Thanks for the giggle. :):)

  2. Catherine... says

    Yes I loved those cartoons….It is finally raining here….not just three drops but good old honest get wet, stay wet, ruin our 14th July BBQ preparations RAIN….when we've finished with the rain clouds I'll send them onto you….

  3. Catherine... says

    ps..Ralph and Sam….I wonder who you will see next time your out in the Sun moving cattle….:)

  4. Fairchild Farmgirl says

    That's a great post! LOVE IT!

  5. Cowgirl Red says

    Thanks everybody for your comments and for reading my blog!



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