I am not nearly old enough nor responsible enough to have a grandchild of my own yet.
 However, every so often someone will give me a “loaner” for a test drive.
 My resume reads: I raised a girl.  I was a girl.  I was a Brownie Scout Leader and a substitute teacher. That qualifies me for a learners permit.
 One thing I know for sure. Little girls love to be artists and cowgirls. So do big girls.
It’s too hot to be cowgirls, so today we are artists.
 I laid out some fat quarters from my stash and she chose four that she loved the most.
Then I slapped my own hand when I thought about re-directing her to my four favs.
 I poured out a jar of bling.
 We are artists and this is what artists do. They choose the ones they like the best.
 And “we artists” play with color and shapes and textures and dreams.
 We (I) randomly started cutting up rectangles and squares.
 She was the art director.  I was merely the art facilitator.
 She matched the sizes and patterns together for me to sew.
 She called them “friends”.  “Sew these. They’re friends.”
 We were very serious about our craft.  Not really.
 I kept on cutting and sewing until she was satisfied with her creation.
 Kaya is a six year old fabric designer.
 And glory be….it miraculously turned out to be the exact measurements for a pillow.
 With glitzy golden buttons.
 Chosen by the little artist herself.
An original, one-of-a kind design.
 By my little loaner “grandchild for a day”.
 Here’s to the 6 year old artist in all of us.

Love,   Cowgirl Red    aka   Terah

P.S. I thought was doing pretty well on my test drive until I looked up and she was trying to cut some fabric with my rotary cutter.  See what I mean? Not responsible enough yet.


  1. Hi Terah,
    Love your Loaner, looks like the two of you had a really good time….so glad to see that you are passing your skills along….first rule for any good grandmother…You learn by your mistakes…next time you will tell Loaner not to touch sharp objects without help…In your defence, usually you have a run up period of 0 to 6..you jumped in at 6…tricky age…old enough to use scissors not old enough for cutters..but both do the same job…cut. At least no fingers were damaged in the process… Love that cushion cover you both made…memories to be treasured…. 🙂

  2. Awesome girl! If you ever need another, swing up to MN I've got 5 girls that love to craft and sew (well my little ones just love glue) but I could even supply TH with some wranglers. Two very hard working cattlemen. =) Wait…that would mean I would have to work cattle more…with D…Okay I'll at least keep my boys.

  3. Cat, thanks for jumping to my defense 🙂
    Suzanne, why don't you leave those boys tonfend for themselves and head on down for some Girl Time! Terah

  4. Wow! did she get to take her special pillow home with her? I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven at six years old if I got to take that pillow home! Awesome!

    I agree with Catherine, you didn't get the run up from 0-6–LOL! Those cutting blades are sooo sharp. Angels were watching out for her, tho–so she was safe. 😉 (Angels do help out children and fools–get a lot of help, myself, doncha know.)

    What a fun day! I love how she picked fabric "friends"!! 🙂

  5. Yes Rita, she slept with it while she was here and she took it home. It was fun. I can't wait to do it again. I will put the cutter out of reach. Terah

  6. It's always best to practice on others people's children. So when they start robbing banks later you can say, " it's not my kid, bless her heart. "

    You did a great thing with kaya terah. A REALLY great thing. :0)