Here is my “Saddle Series” for July.
  Random snapshots, mostly from the saddle.
Life in the Red Zone….. The Cowgirl Red Zone.
I’ve discovered more people read my blog when I put a cute picture of Puncher at the top.
July, the month of saddling by the lights of the 4-Wheeler.
Gathering cattle at sunup.
No grass, no water, they gotta go.
Did you know that if you get up early enough you can see the sun come up…..
…and the moon go down at the same time?
I would have been fine to just read about it in a book.
We practiced every morning we weren’t doing……
 ……..real work…..
 …..moving cattle from one dried up pasture to another.
 Paint finds the only green grass on the ranch…in my front yard.
  Which I saved just for him. So why the stink eye?
 Pard loves purple thistle tops the way I love artichoke hearts.
Picking up strays at the neighbor’s.
 A llama and a spotted ass?  Really?
Most women turn into their mother.
I skipped a generation and turned straight into my grandmother.
Love,   Cowgirl Red    aka  Terah
P.S. You can take the girl out of West Virginia but you can’t take the West Virginia out of the girl. Barefoot, house dress, ice cream bar, front porch…..ahhhh summer.


  1. Hi Terah,
    Sun up and sun down at the same time…so glad you took pictures…I don't have to get out of bed now… Like that you do your cowgirl handling with bright red nails…glad to see that your keeping the glam going. love that porch…I read your blog with or without pictures of Puncher…but he is cute.. 🙂

  2. I read your blog no matter what you have on the top. 😉
    Shorty stays? Does that mean Shorty will never be sold? A pet cow?
    Looked like Paint was worried you weren't gong to let him stay and eat in peace–LOL!
    Had to chuckle at the llama and spotted ass. Made quite a pair.
    If you're like your grandmother then she must be one hell of a woman! :):)

  3. Thanks Cat and Rita. Gotta have a shellac manicure and an 700 lb pet steer. Love you guys! Terah

  4. haha, in your shoes I too would have been glad to have read that info about the sun and the moon in a book too. The stinky eye is great…totally busted me up…

  5. ..Reading about it in a book! hahahahahahahaha still laughing. I had that very thought this AM.

    Maybe Puncher should have his own facebook page?? His supreme adorablenes?


  6. OOHHHH Mari, I'm just vain and self-absorbed enough to get Puncher her own page. Consider it done. xoxo Terah

  7. You've got the life my youngest daughter wants! Horses at all hours of the day – although I am not sure she is fully aware of the amount of hard work that must be done….