I commissioned the designers of 99Designs to design me a logo.

I’ve never done anything like this before. It was a leap of faith. It was scary and fun.

I want to know what you all think.  I’m developing my blog into a new website and hopefully a platform to write, tell stories, and eventually sell my designs. This is step one.

As readers and followers, you have a feel for this better than anyone.

My design brief said to “Design a fiery, passionate, red-headed cowgirl logo”

For inspiration, I asked them to read my blog.  I received over 50 designs and worked with eight different designers.

I love and appreciate all of my readers, followers and friends.  Tell me what you think!!!……Please.

Find out why 99designs is #1 for Logo Design

Love,   Cowgirl Red  aka   Terah

P.S.  I was on an extended “Artists Date” for the past two weeks in Utah and Colorado.  I didn’t mean to be so silent in the blogosphere. I was so absorbed in concerts and movies and massages and sushi with my daughter that I neglected you.  Mea Culpa.


  1. Catherine... says

    Hi Terah, glad you were having fun with your girlie… I voted for Cowgirl Red on the horse…. love it…says Wild West… existing, really crabs the attention…. sorry don't like any of the others…the others are saying Wine Label or Bed and Breakfast…hope this helps and I haven't trashed your favourite one…. 🙂

  2. Hi Terah! I voted and remarked on each of them. I really like the wild woman on the horse one with a few tweaks. Can hardly wait to see what you choose and what your new website will look like.

    Glad to hear you were off having great girl time with your daughter. I wondered where you'd been. 😉

  3. 99designs is such a superb and big contest site!! its logo designs and other graphic items is so unique and good!!! i also checked other 99designs Review and all reviews are good for 99designs!!!