I know I’ve said this before.
But this may very well be my favorite project to date.

In reality I’m just finishing a project started by someone else.

I regularly breeze through my favorite antique mall in Wichita looking for vintage textiles and sewing notions.  I spotted this stack of quilt blocks for $18. There are twelve of them.
I picked them up and put them back down three times.  I even walked off once.
They kept screaming at me “BUY ME!”  So I did.  For $18 plus tax.
 Two days went by and I could not stop thinking about them. What to do?
I laid out some things from my stash and played around for about 20 minutes.
My inner voice said “Keep it simple, just frame the blocks.”
I started stitching a simple black border around every block.
I am blown away that by the patience it would have taken to hand stitch every piece.
The rounded corners.  Really?
 Oh, I do see a little machine stitching. There must be a story behind it.
I will never know her story, but I wrote the ending myself.
I am totally in love with this quilt top. I have no idea what to call it?
I will update this post when I choose the backing and binding fabric.
I will break tradition and have it custom machine quilted.
It is a little delicate because of the hand stitching.
 I want it to be usable and machine washable.
The machine quilting will add strength and longevity.
This was a labor of love for two women who will never meet.
Except in Spirit.
Love,    Cowgirl Red   aka   Terah


  1. What a beautiful quilt…I love what you've done with it.. how about "Lost beginnings" for a name…or "A treasure found"…. I'm so glad it screamed at you to buy it…. what a find…. 🙂

  2. I love it Terah. You are not a quilter the same way I am not a illustrator of birds. :O)


  3. You are a quilter! What a wonderful way to connect with another fabric artist. Collaboration at it's best!!

  4. Thanks Cat, good names, I always name my quilts.
    Mari, good observation, I think I will just surrender.
    Stephanie, thanks for visiting. yes Collaboration! I want to do it again.

    Love, Terah

  5. Wow…what a wonderful story the two of you have illustrated. It's beautiful.

  6. PS – thank you SO much for the lovely compliment on my blog!

  7. What a beautiful set of blocks. They're hand sewn and for $18, are you kidding me? I absolutely love this quilt. Looking forward to seeing how your treasure turns out. 🙂

  8. What a bargain! When all the parts were put together it made a stunning quilt!


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