Do you see that farthest little white dot out there? The first white dot is my little white dog. The second white dot is my mostly white horse, Paint, running away from me.

This past Monday I decided that I want to go to a big Ranch Sorting Competition in Oklahoma City this coming Saturday. Which means that I’ve been riding the wrong horse all winter. Pard is not my go-to horse for competitions. Paint is. I believe in planning ahead, I just forget to plan to remember to do it.

That means I need to switch them out, get Paint in, and get him in shape in 5 days. So I take Pard out to the Trap Pasture and make my first very amateurish mistake for the day.  I let him go before I caught Paint.  And this was the predictable result. Paint ran off and took his two buddies with him. I really wonder about me sometimes.
Paint has been running free since last fall and he likes to think of himself as a bad ass horse sometimes.
If I didn’t know him so well and love him so much I would be really P.O.’d right now. But I do know him.
And I know how he thinks.
He thinks with his stomach.
He’s thinking “Wait just a cotton pickin’ minute!  That’s the Snack Lady!
“Hi Snack Lady!
And I’m thinking that this is the second very amateurish mistake I’ve made today. I don’t have any snacks with me.
He hasn’t figured that out yet.
And I feel a little bad about it.
I really hate to trick him like this.
But he knows me and loves me, too.
He will eventually forgive me.
But he’ll have to start speaking to me first.
He’ll really be “not-speaking” to me when he finds out about the “5-Days to Fitness Boot Camp” he’s fixin’ to join.

Love,  Cowgirl Red  aka  Terah    aka ” Sarge”









  1. We are going to OKC on saturday too. Ryan is going down to see the horseshoeing school he is going to in April. Good luck this weekend!!!

  2. LOL! I’m sure you gave him a little something special once you got him home. 😉 I just love your picture stories and the video is a bonus! Keep us posted!! 🙂

  3. Deb Campbell says

    My little white dog enjoyed watching paint! 🙂

  4. Wish I was going with you. Got a Birthday Party for Elizabeth at 2 on sat. Watching the kids after that, cause caleb has a company party to go to. Oh Ya, Basket ball game in the morning somewhere.

  5. Lisa at Greenbow says

    You are gonna have a good time this weekend. Poor Paint. Tricking him like that. I hope he goes along with this idea. Best of luck at the competition.

    • Thanks Lisa, Paint is pretty agreeable most of the time. He’s going to have a long weekend though.

  6. Paint is so handsome, I showed this to my daughter and she thought so also. She’s my horse rider although I used to ride as a kid and loved it.

    I hope you have a great time at the Competition and that Paint has forgiven you 🙂

    Visiting from Friendship Friday

  7. You’re creating such wonderful memories here… Paint is beautiful (& of course, so is Hunter) – love that sparkle in his eye. Hope he does ok at “boot camp”. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.