I have been practicing with my new Free Motion Quilting Foot.

I take one fat quarter ( 18″X22″) and make a quilt sandwich and just go for it.
 I was just messing around but when I filled up the whole square, I thought ” This is almost the size of a pillow”
Why not make add enough to make a pillow out of some scraps?  I need 20X20.
Why not?
And since it is close to Valentine’s Day,

and I sort of have Heart Theme going here,
And I love blogging and all of you who follow my blog.
If I have to pick a favorite, I love you Commenters the most.

Why don’t we just give this pillow away as a Valentine’s Gift?
What do you think Grey Kitty?

 Why not?

OK  you gorgeous Valentine Cowgirl Goddesses …. Grey Kitty and I are giving this pillow to the 14th person who comments on this blog post.  Why ?


Love,  Cowgirl Red  aka  Terah

P.S.  No rules. Knock yourselves out!

P.S. Serious question though ……  Is it Valentines or Valentine’s?  I’m so confused.


  1. Well, I obviously won’t win the pillow, but I had to comment and say I love it! And I love grey kitty!!! You are getting good with that free style sewing, girl! :):)

  2. Love this!!! I would look wonderful on my bed… Maybe I could cut and paste this 14 times to win??? hee hee!

    I just finished reading a book about a mother who was a quilter. She and her daughter were taking a mini road trip to the girl’s new university across the country, and mom was working on the quilt the whole way. I thought of you and Morgane the whole time I was reading the book! So, you have been on my mind the last 2 days!

  3. It’s Valentine’s Day – (apostrophe s); but you can receive many “valentines”. The day is named after an early Christian martyr named Saint Valentine. So his day (possessive) would be St. Valentine’s Day.

    If I keep posting UN-INTERESTING things like this, maybe I’ll get to #14!!! 🙂

  4. I just wanted you to know that I came to your site to look at the things you have done adn I really like what I have seen. I work for Coyote Country 98.3 (KQZQ) and I for one think the pillow is great. Have a great day and also I might add that I live the horse pics to, I am an avid farmer/rancher at heart and after work. Have a great day.

  5. I LOVE the pillow – and it would look so beautiful on my bed…..and the number 14 is one after my favorite number 13…….love you Terah!!!!!

  6. Tom LC Ranch says

    This would look nice on my couch on Valentine’s Day…and might get me some brownie points 🙂
    (maybe I should share this page to get some more to comment)

  7. Lisa at Greenbow says

    Looks like I won’t be the 14th commenter but hey, I like the pillow anyway. You do such good work. I love the colors. Grey Kitty is a good sport giving away a pillow he obviously really likes. I think technically it is Valentine’s Day. I have seen it both ways. Sometimes I am too lazy to put the ‘ in it. Happy Valentines day anyway.

  8. Just checking in to see how the posting is coming along… I think I am #8 with this post!
    The more I look at the pillow the MORE I am CONVINCED it is just perfect for me. 🙂
    Have a great afternoon!

  9. Terah,
    Love the pillow, love your blog. It is such a splash of color and life to
    this dry dusty winter we are having.
    I don’t need to have the pillow, your brilliant red blog brightened my day.

  10. Wow! I am with Grey Kitty ~ love the pillow! great design ~ great colors ~ namaste, carol linked w/ CED

  11. Cat Urbigkit says

    I love Grey Kitty’s enthusiasm! Nice pillow too …

  12. Leslie Bontrager says

    Love this color and darling pillow! How much are they if I don’t win one? Beautiful!

  13. Leslie Bontrager says

    I Want one!

  14. Leslie Bontrager says

    When do you find the time? You are very talented.<3

    • Yay Leslie! You won the pillow! I sent you an email. Please get me your address and I will mail it to you.
      THank you so much for following my blog. And thanks to everyone else. xoxo Terah

  15. Leslie Bontrager says

    Happy Happy me! Thank You Terah! Please, think about making a Calender that every month you have one of your super funny stories to make cowgirls & cowboys everywhere smile. Not kiddin you make me smile everytime I read one. PLEASE

  16. Of Course, A day late and a dollar short. Hey do you have any finished quilts in earth tones, or blues and mauve?

  17. Dam. I wanted that pillow. sigh. I still love what you do Terah and the next time you have a contest I’m going to figure out some fancy schmancy way to post at JUST THE RIGHT TIME. truly.