We finished all that moving last week. And I hurt. Physical pain is a welcome relief. It can be fixed with a couple Aleve and day’s rest. Life goes on. I’m actually quite pleased with myself. I’m stronger than I thought I was.

I do wonder , though. What’s my new normal going to look like?

Then Patrick showed up.  It’s a beautiful day.  I hang out with him. We have a nice relationship.  He’s the quiet man. And I like to watch so we get along great.

I love to watch Patrick work. And it’s not what you think.…. I’ve grown up. I have evolved.

Patrick is more like my therapist now. A meditation coach in a way (since he’s short on words) He is so easy with my horses. Easy and quiet. Those are two words that have never been used to describe me. (Well maybe the “easy” part but not in this context).

So what is my new normal?  Well I think it’s the same as my old normal. Normal is wherever I am, being my authentic self.

Normal is cleaning stalls with my silent partners.

Normal is my cat checking out Patrick’s truck and me having to pick up all the things she knocked over.

Normal is being so relaxed in life that you can just hang out and hold space and not have to force conversation.

Is it normal for a cat and a dog to be this relaxed?

Normal is having the privilege of watching a young man work with a colt for his first trimming.

Normal is saddling up and going for a ride in the afternoon on my best horse.

I think my new normal is going to look a lot like my old normal ….

Only better.

Love,  Cowgirl Red     aka Terah


  1. Lisa at Greenbow says

    You have a lot of love and support here. Your normal looks might fine to me. I hope you settle in. Let your heart grow.

  2. I knew you would be fine, Look forward to seeing you this weekend. We are going to have a blast…….Hangin out with our Cowdog…..Girlfriends!!! LOL!!!!!