Crazy Town is a real town. I’ve been there. More than once. Lately.

So have my friends. We reminisce about it often.

It’s a fact that Crazy Town was founded on the exact spot of a derailed whore-train back in 1890.

It’s many descendants revisit it frequently. You know who you are. You are my friends.

Our conversations go like this….

“I went to Crazy Town today”

“I spent last weekend in Crazy Town”

“I’m circling Crazy Town. Looking for a place to park.”

” Stopped in Crazy Town today and fueled up”

“I’m stuck in the ditch in Crazy Town. Come get me!”

” Oh my God, I broke an axle in Crazy Town! I can’t get out.”

“My horse bucked me off in Crazy Town”

I left Crazy Town last week. I had been stuck  in long-term parking. Circling the lot, looking for the exit.

It feels good.

In the future when I visit Crazy Town, I’ll just see if they’ll let me rent a room by the hour.

Love, Cowgirl Red   aka  Terah


  1. Lisa at Greenbow says

    Good to see you have emerged from Crazy Town. Welcome to the Crazy World.

  2. I’m surprised we didn’t bump into each other there; I’ve been a wee bit crazy myself. 😉

  3. missed reading you and your crazy wonderful thoughts! Happy(don’t you hate when folks say that) New year! Hope its full of wonder!

  4. We were born there, but escaped!
    At least I did. Heehee….