This might be the second “Most Embarrassing Moment in Agriculture” but pales in comparison to #1 

So picture this…..

I get invited to go help two good-looking cowboys get some cattle in to sort the calves off to go to the sale barn then take the mother cows to a different pasture.

Picture me trying to look cool and be cool….

Picture me trying to be a “good hand” (a stretch in itself).

Picture me always in the right place at the right time….

While simultaneously snapping photos in search of the money shot….

From the back of my horse…..

Or in the sorting alley……

 Picture me simultaneously returning witty banter…

Can’t picture it?  Well neither could I.

Here’s the reality. I had already let one calf jump into the stock tank and go out the other side and get away. Resulting in one of the cowboys having to go rope it. (He can thank me later)  So now I am on my toes.  This is not going to happen again!  My only job was to block the tank. I’m  backing up, backing up. BAM! On my ass!

 Note to self: when walking backwards with spurs on, always remember to pick up your feet.

I tripped over a dried up cow pie. Nothing stopped. I just jumped up and carried on. Red face and red ass.  Maybe no one noticed.

Fat chance.

After we were finished one of the cowboys said “Had to lay down and take a nap?”

Love,  Cowgirl Red   aka  Terah

P.S.  The better looking the cowboy……. the more humiliating the experience.  🙂


  1. Lisa at Greenbow says

    What a rack in that last photo. So glad you didn’t end up IN the tank. ha…

  2. That thing with the point things sticking out the side, is that your horse or mine?
    I ride a lot.
    I ride while sitting on the ground after the thing I try to ride gets tired of playing with me.
    Seems that happens to you to!