Hi friends.  Since before the election I felt myself slipping deep into anger, despair, depression and a general heaviness. Literally, the weight of the world was on my neck, my shoulders, hips, knees and feet. I know you know what that feels like. It hurts. It hurts physically and spiritually. I had to start a healing process in myself.  It’s been a month. I cannot wallow in it anymore. I don’t have the answers to our country’s and our world’s issues.  But I can start a journey of healing the anger and divide in myself and my community. I don’t really know what that looks like, but I am trusting this journey and I ask you to join me in community and conversation. Let’s heal together. Let’s share our love and support.

These two words came to me this morning when I woke up. I am evolving and revolving.

Evolving meaning a process of change in a certain direction.  A process of gradual, peaceful, social, political, economic and spiritual advance. It also means to me to be in a higher consciousness and to become fully who I am as a woman. Evolve into being truly feminine. I am a woman. I want to know what that truly feels like. I want to leave the inauthentic masculine, patriarchal parts of me behind.  They haven’t served me.

Revolving meaning two things.  Revolution is a celestial body circling in orbit.  It means all things natural and spiritual to me. The infinite plan of the universe. It also means a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something. (It also means the overthrow of a government, but let’s please don’t go there).


So that is where I am today. Join me.  Talk to me.

I must now go take care of my cows.


Love,  Terah  aka  Cowgirl-Red.



My new about page:

I’m Terah.

I am a Cowgirl, Artist …… Goddess of the Plains.

Encourager, engager, and “Gap Jumper In-er”

My life is my canvas. The world is my community.

Hello Cowgirl friends. I’m changing, evolving and revolving. My life purpose, my passions, my place and my legacy. So trust me. Trust yourself. Saddle up and come along for the ride. I’ve repurposed this blog and I invite your gentle comments, community, engagement and love. Please join my Facebook Page also.

It is owned by me, myself and I.
Terah Murphy, Goddess of the Plains

In 2009 Dalai Lama said ….. “The world will be saved by the western woman”. I want to be that woman. I want to empower that woman. I want to encourage that woman. I want to engage that woman. I want to know that woman. I want to build community with that woman. Whether she is 2 or 92. Please join me.

I’m a cowgirl. A city born, sorority raised, fashion-artista. Turned CPA. Now resting comfortably in my authentic self. I’m a Cowgirl, Artist, and Goddess. Queen of this Ranch. Goddess of this Prairie. Mother to this patch of sacred earth and the animals that reside here.

Follow my adventures on my blog   here.

Play with me …. as a fiber artist, social media engager, encourager, empowerment sister.

Facebook wanted to know what awards I’ve won:
I award myself a crown made of Sagebrush and Cedar with a sprinkling of Butterfly Milkweed. Sage as a sacred native plant. Cedar as an invasive species on the prairie. Milkweed as a place of respite for the endangered butterflies. That is my crown.

Love, Terah aka Cowgirl-Red



  1. Janie DaVault says

    What a great idea! I wish all us women had the ability to find our place in life and define.. you are blessed and we are blessed by your sharing. Made me stop and ask myself some straight to the point questions! New thinking in an old body!! Lol The election… now that was a mess! I don’t think our forefathers jumped up and said ” well done”. My consoling place in all this crazy world is THAT MY God is in control.. whatever happens. I know if each of us took a lil more time to make our circle a little kinder and a lil more loving the world would be a better place! Now I am on a journey to find MY Godess place! As long as I keep Hesus above me.. I will succeed.

    • Thank you commenting, Janie. You are an amazing and empowering woman. We are part of each other’s sacred circle. I love you. Let’s have coffee before the holidays. XOXO Terah

  2. Looking forward to reading your blogs again. Missed ya’!

    • Nicola, thank you for the comment and encouragement. Stay in touch and let’s keep encouraging each other!! Terah

  3. I was hit really hard by this election, too. I hadn’t felt like the ground had shifted under my feet, shocked, gut-punched, and worried about the future of the United States since Kennedy was shot, to be honest. It brought me back to the 60s when our government was shooting college students, protesters & riots were rampant (draft dodgers, bra burning, save the earth, end the war, black power), police were beating unarmed citizens, people were being assassinated, we watched people screaming, dying, being mangled and burned every night on TV, people talked about how they hated the “others”–whoever didn’t believe what they did. We survived all that…which took years and seemed to finally let up after they got out of Vietnam and after Watergate. So we shall survive this, too, right?

  4. Morgane Lauf says

    I love this. I am so glad Cowgirl Red is back online. We need you! Healing ourselves and our communities is where it all begins.

  5. This is cool Terah. I know a lot of people were really disappointed by the election because of who won, but I think most of those people assume that everyone else was happy with who won and I don’t think it’s that simple. This was a hard election for me because I couldn’t feel comfortable with any candidate. It is what it is. And more importantly, and more fortunately, God is still in control! I’m so thankful I don’t have to look to a politician to be my Savior! Love you lady!