I have a muse. I think everybody does.


According to my online dictionary a muse is a noun and a verb.

My “Muse” is my sister goddess who presides over my art.

She visits me while I’m “musing”.


I thought I might share some of my process with you.

I don’t really have a process, per se.  But this is how things flow in my “muse-filled” world.

When I’m in my studio which is most afternoons now, I usually sit quietly for a few minutes or straighten fabric until it comes to me. I have plenty of fabric to straighten.


Do I want to do a kids jacket, baby jacket or woman’s jacket today?


I might go over to the pile.

It’s more organized than it looks.


Or I may have a certain fabric in mind that will choose the jacket for me.

I cut the fabric piece so that the design fits on wherever I want to sew it. Sometimes I piece it if the design has a lot of open space.  Whatever it needs.


I rarely measure anything. Usually I eye it and then draw a chalk mark and cut away.

My muse is not a perfectionist.


And she is a little messy…… just like me.

One thing I know for sure….

My muse doesn’t care if my studio is messy, she just wants me to show up….. every day.


We rarely plan anything out ahead of time.

 We usually just sew, go and sew some more.


Sometimes my muse is feeling sassy.

How do I know when it’s finished?  My muse tells me.


I’ll take a picture of each jacket for posterity and Instagram.

I like to look at them for a few days afterwards.

Every time I make one I think……

This might be my favorite one yet.

Love,  Cowgirl-Red   aka  Terah

P.S.  Almost all of the jackets that I post are for sale.  Message me here or Facebook if you see one you must have and I’ll ask my muse to get busy.



  1. Laura Stimatze says

    Love you both! LOL! Keep up the awesome work.

  2. You really have found your niche!
    They are so YOU!
    Love your studio, BTW. 🙂

  3. I always knew you had an evil twin! Or was it the good twin???