Little white dogs and ponies are not cut out for blizzards.  We got smacked with two “record-breaking” (for Kansas) snow storms in one 5 day period.  It was called the “Blizzard of Oz 2013”.

For three of those days I was unable to get to the ranch to check on my horses. I thought I had things set up pretty well because I had plenty of warning to get ready for the blizzard. Thanks to NOAA.

I had a serious problem, though. In between the two blizzards Blitz had escaped her cushy home in the barn with Playboy to run with the big horses. I couldn’t get out there to catch her because the snow was so deep. She spent the entire 2nd blizzard (30 hrs worth) outside with no shelter but trees.  It snowed over 2 feet.

I  fretted the whole time. I knew she had a good winter coat. But I kept having visions of her getting stuck in a ditch and not getting out.  Or getting high centered in a drift. I didn’t really worry about the big horses and donkey at all.  I fretted myself to death over Blitz because she is …… well ….. so short. And because she is so little and cute. I think of her as a baby needing special care. (I know, anthropomorphizing is not healthy)

After the snow was cleared enough, I waded over there to rescue her and return her to the barn. She was ecstatic to see me! (more anthropomorphizing). We slipped and sloshed back to the barn ….. me talking baby talk to her the whole way.

Necessity is the mother of invention. So here is what I need to invent before the next blizzard:

A combination of this pony sweater.

With this pony flag.

Then combine it with an Avalanche Beacon like those crazy extreme back country skiers wear in Utah. It’s a done deal.

Patent Pending.

Love,  Cowgirl Red   aka  Terah

P.S.  Or better yet ………….


  1. Lisa at Greenbow says

    What a crack up having a horse in the house. I don’t care how small they aren’t realllly house pets. Poor little thing. I bet you were concerned. I would have been too. I have read about those blizzards. Hang in there. Don’t get lost in the snow. Keep your sunglasses on.

  2. So glad she was fine! I bet her little toes were freezy!

  3. You don’t get snow like that, must have been a bit frighting, but all is well! MN is getting
    more snow today and Minneapolis is right in the path of the heavy stuff or well, temps in the
    40tys at the end of week! Think spring and some nice rain! Cheri