My friend MaryAnne over at the fabulous blog Forever 51  recently wrote about having “The Talk” with her aging parents. Not the one about ..uh …… hanky panky …. but the one about finances. (worse)  That got me to thinking.  My daughter is coming for a visit next week and before she gets here I need to destroy some evidence before she has “THE TALK” with me about a different subject.

My driving.
There are 3 Stages involved in having”The Talk” with your aging parents’ about driving. (Having been there myself with my own parents)
  1. You quit letting your parents drive your car when they come to visit you.
  2. You quit letting your parents drive you around in their own car when you visit them.
  3. You quit letting your parents drive at all! (In the interest of public safety)

We have already passed Stage 2 so you can see the urgency in my decision to destroy the evidence.  My truck was in the body shop Monday. Daughter arrives on Saturday. Body Shop Manager calls Monday afternoon and asks if I want him to straighten out the back bumper too. I wasn’t aware it was crooked.  He’s about my age.   Nice to know we Boomers have each other’s back.




Hey.  Is she still growing? Or am I shrinking?


Love,  Cowgirl Red aka  Terah

P.S.  6 months ago…. not a scratch on it.


  1. Mary Anne says

    Oh my god last month when I was visiting my parents my dad was doing the driving and I noticed a reAl difference in how he drives now versus 5 years ago. Holy crap that’s another talk I gotta have …

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!! Hope they get it fixed in time,,,,,,,,,,

  3. Lisa at Greenbow says

    My Dad is not allowed to drive me anyplace now. I stopped riding with him several years ago. He is 92. UGH… I think she is growing. 😉

  4. Morgane Lauf says

    Hahahaha! We have definitely made it past step one. Especially after I found paint from a pole by my parking spot on my car bumper after you had come to visit. 🙂 But then I rolled my car so I don’t have much room to talk. Also, you usually ask me to drive, but I’m sure part of it is because you are sick of listening to me correct your driving. 🙂 This is funny!

    • Haha I forgot that you wrecked the car I bought you. Maybe that gives me some extra credit on the “Stages”. xoxox love, Mom

  5. You might be shrinking now BUT u can keep your spine long (and tall), for a while longer if you do careful gentle yoga!

    I have become full-on yoga teacher since we last saw each other, and apparently I’m full of answers for all life ills..the answer for everything is this: DO MORE YOGA…just kidding, not really, I’m still a mess, just have a better exterior. 🙂

    Let’s talk – I plan to respond to your e-mail, just life keeps getting in the way of me doing the long introspective message I’d rather do than just blithely reply. You are doing well, and all will be well. I admire you for your strength & tenacity, love the photos of you and those you love, including damaged cars. Life is about changes…not all happy-happy 🙂

    Namaste for reals,

    • I’m so proud of you Michelle. When I relocate after this divorce, my main goal is to get close to a real yoga studio. xoxo Terah

      • Would love to hear where you relocate (well, I can read it on your blog too, but hope to get a *real* email as well), and how it’s all going. Yoga Studios are everywhere, but I hope you find a good one! Let me know? Thx for being proud of me, that means a lot, I am proud of me too (said without egotism, just pure happiness for coming through the fire intact). 🙂
        Best wish for all your future endeavors! I am so glad I met you.

  6. I resemble all of those remarks. Bad driving runs in the family. I only had 3 big wrecks and about a dozen smaller ones while driving in Egypt. No big deal – no insurance there!!

    • Yes Ross, Family motto. I haven’t been in as many wrecks as I’ve caused. xoxo Terah