“Excuse my messy house.”  — Said no straight man ever.

The main entrance to my house is the garage. We have a front door, but everyone comes in through the garage and mud room. The dump rooms.  Dog hair and mud and sometimes a baby calf hanging out.

Another New Year’s intention of mine.  I will no longer ever ever ever apologize for the condition of my house.  What is that about?  As women, it is ingrained in us that our house has to be spic and span all  the time. People will judge us. Just one more way to make us feel bad about ourselves and create division and isolation.  But really, who gives one f*ck?

When you walk into my house you walk into my laundry room. Sometimes it smells good . Sometimes it smells like a feedlot.

Really.  I am constantly judging myself on the cleanliness, decorating, and cooking skills against that of my friends and Martha Stewart Living and my mother.

I do my best. But we live here. Dogs too.

It’s cluttered.  Sometimes there are crunchy or sticky things under your feet.

I repeat.  We LIVE here.

Let’s all agree that starting now… January 9, 2017…

We will never judge each other or ourselves about house-keeping, OK?

If you have clean windows…. good for you.  I try to wash mine twice a year. Good for me.

You have clean floors…. good for you.  I try to mop mine when they get sticky and smelly.

I want to quit copping a resentment about my husband because he isn’t as tidy as I am. He’s not going to change and I don’t need the stress. He leaves dirty dishes in the sink and sometimes I throw away his shit.  So we’re even.

If you come to my house and it looks like an episode of hoarders….. then please, maybe ask me if I’m ok and if there is anything you can do to help. I’ll do the same for you. That’s a sign of depression and other things and we are all in this together.  It happens sometimes.

But from now on…. we will cut  our selves and each other some slack. Let’s sit and drink coffee and visit about anything but house keeping.


Love, Cowgirl-Red  aka Terah



  1. Deb Campbell says

    Awesome!!! I love you!

  2. Becky Ward says

    Thanks for the grins this morning – I needed this!!!