I was feeling scrappy last weekend.

Literally and figuratively.

There are two meanings to scrappy and I qualified for both.

“Made up of scraps or of odds and ends; fragmented: disconnected.”

“Fond of fighting, arguing, or competing.”


These are the days I’m not fit for human companionship.

I put myself in time-out and retreat to my sewing studio.


I find it calming and  desensitizing. I was over stimulated last week by too much company, too much noise, too much having to talk, too much news and too much having to be engaged.

Plus I like to hide out anyway.

I know myself well enough by now to know that I crave quite space and mindless creativity. My medium is fabric. I get out my scrap boxes. Like most fabric junkies I can’t stand to throw away fabric. I may take it too far. But I must use it all!  Plus, I love my fabrics. They remind me of a certain project or jacket. They make me happy.  I like to dump the scraps on the table and sort and cut and sew them together and make a block. Then I cut a piece of thinsulate to match the size and voila!  A cute little hot pad or mug rug.

I blissfully staid in time-out all weekend.

I could be like a musician practicing scales?

Or possibly I took my thyroid pill twice?

Whatever.. Now I almost have enough blocks put together for a quilt.


I’ll call it my “Hide Your Crazy Quilt”!




Love,   Cowgirl-Red   aka  Terah



Studio rearranged during time-out.







  1. Deb Campbell says

    Don’t ever hide your crazy!!! That’s what makes you YOU! ❤️