Sorry gang.  I meant to post this ‘before’ the trunk show.


Getting back into blogging after everything that happened to me last year has been …….

somewhat challenging.  Mostly because I forgot how to use WordPress. And they have made so many improvements and changes that it’s been like learning a new language almost.

Anyway…. I had my first event in two years last Friday. I did a Trunk Show at local cafe. It was from 10-2.  Pretty much all of the people who came were my friends. I really appreciated it. It meant the world to me. They gave me encouragement to keep going with my art.


And for that I am very grateful.  2017 was a year for regrouping and restoring my health.

After the Lyme Disease Debacle  , I had another setback.  I am now a breast cancer survivor. I may write about it later.  For now I’m just grateful to be here and be healthy. All is well.  I am so grateful to my community of women friends who held me up during the last year.



True to form for me lately, I forgot to take any pictures during the event.  Oh well. There will be more.  Next week I will be at the Kansas Cattle Drive in Buhler, KS.





In the meantime, it’s back to the studio and to the heifers that are calving now.



Love,  Cowgirl-Red   aka  Terah






  1. Cher Scoville says

    I’m so happy you are blogging and doing trunk shows again! I really like your jackets! We should throw some of my shirts together with your jackets! I love the fabrics you use, I try to find as much if those prints as I can for snap shirts! Get blog! Looking forward to more!