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Last Week   I started playing with some fabric again with the hope that it would “oil the creative machine”.  And it did.  I had two pieces of the patched together batiks. I would make two 20″ throw pillows. I decided to try some free hand quilting with the embroidery foot of my Bernina. I guess it’s free […]

Yesterday morning, T.H. made a casual comment to me that “We have 3 too many dogs now”. I wonder which dogs he considers superfluous?  Obviously he hasn’t read my blog post about too many or not enough dogs in which I fully explained my logic. My magical thinking that turns 5 dogs into 1. Nevermind. I’m pondering on which ones he […]

I have missed sewing this spring. I have really missed sharing with my CED 2011 artist friends.   This spring was all cattle, horses, dogs and ranch stuff.  The weather staid cool. So I was outside most days and exhausted most nights. Now the cattle are settled and the afternoons are hot and muggy. Mornings are for outside work (and […]

T.H. called shortly after leaving the house this morning. “There’s a steer out on the highway. He’s just south of the cattle guard. Why don’t you get Puncher and your 4-wheeler and see if you can get him in.” Woo Hooo!  Me and Puncher, a real mission!!!  By ourselves!! Here comes his always very explicit instructions. “Get around him to the south and […]

I took my two horses to a Kansas Stock Horse Show last weekend.  Ol’ Paint, the consummate professional…. No problem.  My sweet Pardner, new kid on the block…. Big problem. What happened?  I don’t know. I’ll never know. He isn’t saying.  Devil possession? Aliens? I’m clueless. He was great at the Quarter Horse Show two weeks ago. No […]

I was gone for a week visiting my baby girl in Salt Lake City.  Mostly we were eating sushi, getting shellac manicures, shopping. When I came home T.H. had cattle stuffed in every nook and cranny of this ranch. T.H. must have been on a big buying spree much like the one I was on in Salt Lake City with my girl. […]

This is a sweet little Mother’s Day Story from Mother Nature herself. When Puncher was a puppy, I brought home a stray Mama Cat from our overcrowded shelter. It was love at first sight. Puncher and Mama Kitty were inseparable.   She beat up my other dogs regularly but she loved Puncher. She taught Puncher that cats are […]

Does this saddle make me look fat?  Paint ol’ buddy,  we need to talk. I’m a little concerned about your weight. Your belly is hanging over your back cinch. I know you’re sensitive and all.  It’s been a long winter. I understand where you’re coming from.  I do. We are both at the same stage in […]