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After the unfortunate Devil Horse episode with Pardner ,   I spent the last month riding him every day.     We became reacquainted. I thought we were friends again.    I thought we were having fun. We didn’t attend any more silly horse shows. I thought we had really bonded. I have a problem though. It keeps forgetting […]

It’s been mighty quiet on the Cowgirl Red Blog this week.   Did someone ask, “What in tar-nation have you been doing?” What exactly is a “tar-nation”?   It’s a word made up by Yosemite Sam from the year 1966. Well, my dear….Merriam-Webster would disagree.  To be precise, it is a euphemism for “damnation” from the […]

Julia Cameron  “Julia” to me.  I’m a huge fan(atic) of Julia’s.  I feel like I know her well enough to be on a first name basis because I own most of her books, I’ve read them, and I stalked her once. Last fall I bumped into her at Starbuck’s in Santa Fe.  I stalked her […]

In the Cowgirl World, a “Saddle Series” is a series of  horse competitions over time with the winner taking home a new trophy saddle. Barrel Racing, Cutting, Ranch Sorting.  All western events have them. The saddles are highly prized in the horse kingdom.  I’ve never won one.  I may buy one on EBay someday. My […]

I have always used an older well behaved dog (if I had one) to facilitate my puppy training. It’s not exactly training as in “sit”, “come”and “stay”. The older dog serves to ease the puppy into his many “First Times”. First night in the kennel:  I put my good old quiet dog, Tip, in the pen next to Ace for company. Tip has performed as […]

I met my Muse in person yesterday. I do not fancy myself a quilter. I’ve made three quilts from different patterns in order to see what the fuss was all about. It’s way too restrictive for me. Too balanced and predictable. Too similar to my accounting career.  I started this project with no plan and […]

  Fresh off our  last successful mission , Puncher and I were quickly assigned a new one. The next morning, T.H. and I were drinking our coffee, visiting about the day ahead…. TH:”Are you  gonna ride today?” I ride everyday. Me: “Yes”. Here it comes. TH: “Why don’t you ride over on the West side and […]

We shipped Spot yesterday. I’m a little busted up about it. It’s not like I’m going on a running drunk or anything. Just a tiny bit (not surprisingly) emotional about him leaving.  I knew exactly what I was getting into when I made a pet out of him. I’ve done it before and I will […]

I have debated (with myself)  about what to do with the front porch this year. I love flowers and pots. However, there are several factors working against me; It has forgotten to rain this year. It has already been 100 degrees. It will continue to be 100 degrees. The wind has not stopped blowing since […]

I am passionate about my cowdogs. I’m a zealot and a fanatic. I think about them and talk about them all the time. Just ask T.H. and my friends. I spend hours every day and week working with my dogs. This has been a dream of my cowgirl life. I’m living it. This blog is about living my passions daily in mid-life. In that spirit, here is the […]