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I will say it again…. This is my most favorite-est project to date. I see a pattern developing here. My first real “commissioned” piece is for my cousin and dear friend, Karen. She asked me to make two pillows for her mom, (My Aunt Kaye) for her birthday. I think she’s turning 85 next month. I […]

This old dog.  My dog, Tip. The spot where I usually find him. If I can find him. He’s been at my feet or behind my horse for 13 years. He went on his last cattle drive a year ago. Tip and I have been through a lot in our life.  He’s on his second […]

I have not forsaken y’all. I’ve been through a bit of a “dry” time with my writing. Another  “discombobulation” . –it happens. In the meantime,  I’ve experienced a creative burst with my sewing. I pulled this out of the stash bestowed upon me by my very alive Aunt in Santa Fe. It’s a floor sample […]

This ranch  is burnt up with drought.  But everyday,  on my walks  and on my horse  I can still find   pockets of beauty.  The Monarchs come  twice a year.  They’re headed south  this time. The oldtimers say there used to be more. I’m grateful for these.  There seems to be  a side show going […]

Creative Everyday Challenge Weekly Check-In While T.H. and I were wandering around Salida, Colorado enjoying the cool weather, I discovered another set of   vintage quilt blocks  .  They were a bit more expensive than the $18 I paid in Wichita. They were $40 (started at $55) which was do-able.  However, they were slightly yellowed with […]

This little white dog and I have much in common. Misti and I are both women of a certain age. We want to help but mostly we want everyone to do things our way. We arrive uninvited and try to rearrange situations to suit ourselves.  We are offended when the very people we are trying […]