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 Can you believe that some people ( mostly T.H.) still ask me what I do with my time? Honestly. As if I waste my time engaging in non-productive endeavors. That is a subjective judgement that has no merit. I just happen to be easily amused.  Like when I go to the feed store. I did […]

LEAP ……   and the net will appear. …… Julia Cameron  Let’s be the each others net in life. (Or raft, or inner-tube) Love, Cowgirl Red    aka   Terah P.S.  In honor of Sally Ride, first female astronaut, mentor and inspiration to millions of girls.   Bless you.  One Giant Leap for Womankind.

 We’ve been going steady now for 5 months. I totally attracted this because I know how to manifest my dreams and desires.  I watched The Secret a few hundred times. I even bought a new expensive horse so I could attract more time together. He still doesn’t talk much. I wish I had attracted some witty […]

In the past month I have purchased two of the wildest things in my life. Two that may sound crazy but make perfect sense in my world. Two things that I didn’t know I needed. No forethought. No planning. No regrets. 1. I bought the most expensive horse  I’d ever owned. Then I had to […]

Pow Wow  One word ….. WOW “Artist Date “….. “Explore something festive that interests you …. “ “Replenish our inner well of images and inspiration…” “Fire up the imagination”…  Julia Cameron  “Immerse yourself in color”….. “Listen to the drums ….” “Eat some Indian Tacos”….. “Buy a lot of stuff for your little friend”  …. Me. […]

  I only had Playboy for two weeks before we went to the RSNC Finals in Oklahoma City. He is such a business man.Very serious. Very stoic. I never know what he’s thinking. I don’t think I know him very well, but then there may not be that much to know. He is not a complex […]

 Somehow I got qualified to go to the Ranch Sorting National Finals  in Oklahoma City last week.  I really wanted to go. I was afraid. Afraid of the heat. Afraid of traveling down there alone. Afraid of competing in front of all those people.  I was afraid of being afraid and all the other fears and […]

   I’ve had Playboy for two weeks. He has not displayed one single solitary quirk. None. Zip. Nada. Nothing.   I like my horses to be quirky. It makes me happy if they’re quirky. It gives me something to write (blog,talk) about. Now what am I supposed to do?  Make stuff up? Come on, Playboy. […]