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Gets me. * * * Gets me not. * * * Gets me. * * * Gets me not. * * * Gets me. * * * Gets me not. * * * Gets me. * * * Really?  Gets me not. * * * Gets me. * * * Gets me to the 3rd […]

 Last Labor Day weekend I was traveling to Stillwater, Oklahoma  with two horses in 100 degree heat.I thought it was a good time to go practice with my Ranch Sorting Coach. (Who does that?)  I was 15 miles west of I-35 on a deserted Kansas Hwy when “BAM”, I had a blowout on my trailer. […]

Staying with the “Our Lady” theme …..   I hope I’m not doing anything insensitive here.  I’m not Catholic, but I have consulted my Catholic girlfriends, and I have spent lots of time in Mexico. I love the art form of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This is one of the fabric art panels I bought […]

When I married T.H. I wasn’t young. I knew the difference between fantasy and reality. But I did not want to believe …… …… the truth. The truth became increasingly apparent when T.H. started renovating the house. The truth cannot be denied when it is in living color. And immortalized on the internet. I moved […]

Full disclosure here:  I’m not Catholic. I’m Cowgirl. But if I was going to choose a religion based solely on art and visual imagery, I would totally convert. Catholics have us beat.  Hands down. (Hands up actually) Not that it’s a contest or anything. Especially the Hispanic Catholics. Because they have “Our Lady”. And they […]

  Our Lady of Guadalupe. En espanol por favor. Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe. I don’t have a Spanish Keyboard to get the proper punctuations. Lo siento. I made a similar pillow earlier this year. A really nice man bought it on my Etsy Shop for his wife. Our Lady now resides in Laguna Niguel, California. […]

  I met “My Muse” in person when I made this quilt. It was a magical experience that I will never forget.   I even blogged about it here.  My Muse Was In The Room. This was my most favorite quilt I ever made at the time. I think it was my second one. I […]

I have a new riding coach.     He has these two buffalo. He’s trying his hardest to teach me to be a better rider and competitor by working these buffalo like cattle. Buffalo are better than cattle to practice because you can’t wear them out. And they are more photogenic. I really try hard to […]

  It’s hunting season in Kansas ……. again. T.H. bought himself this fake deer and planted it in the front yard. Where it stood for several weeks. Why?  You ask.  Why? I ask myself “Why?” several times a day when it comes to T.H. Puncher asked …. Every time she went out ….. “Why?” “Why is […]

 I’ve been doing some extensive field research for the ‘North American Armadillo Society’ * this fall. Based on my many real life random observations here is what I have learned about Armadillos. Horses never really know what to do with them. They have the power to back a horse up 10 ft. if they so […]