I flew to California last week to visit my girl. As I was leaving the house for the airport, I looked over at my cowboy hat and thought “Why not?”  I’ve always thought that flying with my hat would be a pain, and it is. However,  those of you who know me know how attached I am to my lid.  So I grabbed it and plopped it on my head and it became my 2nd carry-on. I upgraded my seat on Southwest so I could board in the first “cattle call” in order to secure a safe spot for it in the over head bin. I even had words with 2 other passengers who tried to displace it for their own selfish means. I pity the fool that messes with the hat.

My girl lives 4 blocks from the beach.  As we were getting ready to walk down there one day I asked her “Cowboy hat or ball cap?”  Her reply?

“Represent, mom.  Represent.”

I laughed and played like I knew what she meant. Then I quickly and secretly consulted the Urban Dictionary. 

Represent : Verb. Go and be a good example to others of your group or position. A phrase showing acknowledgment to one’s background, home, social group or place of residence. Giving a shout out to your homeboys. A word that has been so over used in rap songs that it has lost all meaning.  To show where you came from, claim something as yours.

 Alrighty then.

In other words ….. my girl is telling me ……  Mom, go out and be your authentic self.

 So I get home and I am still pondering the word “Represent”. My little riding buddy wants to switch hats and take pictures. We “represent” each other. We “represent” so much we fall off our horses laughing.


Then he says “Put it on Playboy and take a picture!”

represent4   So I see if Playboy can “represent”. represent5

Oh yea. A shout out to his homies!  (Mr Ed and Trigger)

Right after I clicked this shot he tossed the hat in the air, hooked the stampede string on his ear on the way down and sent it flying again.

“Represent, Playboy. Represent”

Love, Cowgirl Red   aka Terah

P.S.  And still people wonder what I do with my time?  I “represent”.


  1. Looks like you represented all groups! Love it

  2. Beautiful Terah! Our authentic selves. Wouldn’t we be a diverse lot if we all honoured this to our fullest potential? Enjoy your day as you so naturally represent.

  3. You “represent” very well!!!

    Big Bro’