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  Last Saturday my friend Laura and I were going to spend the day riding and working our cowdogs. When I got to her place, the wind was howling and it was cold. She said “Let’s go to Yoder for the Amish Horse Auction instead”. I was all in for that. I’m posting this today […]

 Since receiving our pink slip from T.H., I decided it was best to move Playboy and Blitz over to my temporary home while we wait for our severance pay.  The neighbor’s ranch where I’m living has a nice barn and stalls. I hauled some hay and got them settled. (sort of) I was all singing […]

  Last fall, in preparation for the Big Red Neck Renovation I packed up and got rid of dozens of boxes of clothes, and stuff.  Even if I do lose weight I don’t like most of it anyway.   I moved over here to the cabin and set up house with a few of my […]

Since the “Blizzard of Oz” I look at thinks in terms of B.B. and A.B. Before Blizzard and After Blizzard.  This blog post is in the B.B. category. Definitely B.B. I was working on it with the “B” hit.  During the “B” I was busy looking for my pony so I didn’t finish it …. until […]

Little white dogs and ponies are not cut out for blizzards.  We got smacked with two “record-breaking” (for Kansas) snow storms in one 5 day period.  It was called the “Blizzard of Oz 2013”. For three of those days I was unable to get to the ranch to check on my horses. I thought I […]