Last fall, in preparation for the Big Red Neck Renovation I packed up and got rid of dozens of boxes of clothes, and stuff.  Even if I do lose weight I don’t like most of it anyway.   I moved over here to the cabin and set up house with a few of my favorite things. Art work, fabric, sewing machine, favorite books, MacBook, my bed, quilts, etc,etc.  I haven’t missed all my “stuff”. Not really at all. I was lightening the load in a big way without even knowing it.



After T.H. didn’t come home anymore, I discovered I had an even lighter load yet.

I discovered that even though I’m living alone, I am not lonely. At all.

I discovered that I had already walked though that door of loneliness and made a big life for myself.

He wasn’t talking to me so there is really not a void.

The only thing missing is a big ball of angry physical energy that has a force field so strong it  repels you (me) from the room, the house and ultimately the ranch. It doesn’t need words.



Love is like a Shop Vac. If you keep the filter clean it brings everything you want with lots of suction. People, animals, experiences, good health and fun. Even prosperity.

Anger is an industrial strength leaf blower.


Love,  Cowgirl Red        aka   Terah


P.S.  Apparently the “T.H.”  is a traveling trophy. Who knew?



* T.H. (Trophy Husband)



  1. I know your life will be fuller and better………..The Best is yet to Come………..Hang in there and focus on You,,,,,and Puncher of Course. Love you, Friend!
    Suns gonna shine tomorrow,,,,,,,I’m gonna ride even if I have to ride one of Joes horses.
    You better ride too!

    • Laura, I want to see you ride Joe’s horse. haha My friend the good times are here. xoxox Terah

  2. Morgane Lauf says

    Very well said. Love the analogy. You are one clever/intelligent woman.

  3. Lisa at Greenbow says

    Sometimes those vacuums need to be replaced with a more simple model. Actually one can live without a vacuum and be quite happy. I hope you are…happy.

    • Lisa, you are wonderful. thanks I am happy. Hey a thought just occurred to me. How about a younger model? Rent to own plan? just kidding.
      xoxo Terah

  4. Well said and lovely!
    Love & light to you!