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 Who knew? Seriously. Who knew that getting hay delivered could be such an aesthetically pleasing and satisfying experience? For an extra $1 per bale a middle-aged cowgirl can get her hay delivered and stacked in the barn. You simply call them up. Order the hay. They send over two age-appropriate cowboys. Dressed in chaps. I […]

 Every few years I get the yearning for a donkey. I’ve always wanted one. Most women my age yearn for another baby. I’ve never really cared for babies much. Well …… I really liked the baby I had, but not enough to have another one. I might feel that way about a donkey. I don’t […]

I was on the phone with my daughter and kept being distracted by a ruckus outside.  “Ruckus” meaning the familiar sound of 3 dogs having something either treed or cornered. I told her “I’ll call you back. The dogs have something out front. I need to make sure it’s not a cat.” Punishment is swift […]

  We are engaged in a massive “Red-Neck Renovation”.  This is an actual conversation between T.H. and me last night. (Not edited for brevity) ME:  Don’t we need to get a PortaPotty out here for these guys? T.H.:   Hell no! We’re out in the middle of no where. They can just go out in […]

 frolic: verb/ to amuse oneself . I am easily amused. People still ask me regularly “What do you do?” “Well…….. I frolic.”  I amuse myelf. I make merry. With my iPhone. frolic: verb/ to play and run about happily. They frolic …… so much they fall down. Well, just Pard, because he’s Pard. frolic : noun/ a playful […]

Don’t anybody tell T.H. I wrecked his brand new 4-Wheeler today. He doesn’t read my blog or do Facebook.  So if he finds out I’ll know one of you is a Narc. I’ve been borrowing his 4-Wheeler since mine is out of gas and I’m too lazy to go get some gas and fill it up. […]

I have been unplugged.  For two weeks. Maybe three. I broke my iPhone three weeks ago. It was cold turkey. Detox. Dr. Drew would be proud. I think I carried it too far though. I can’t remember what I’ve been doing since the “accident”. So I went to my pocket camera to see what I’ve […]